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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Nola was fun, but my hotel experience at the Jung Hotel and Residence was HORRIBLE! I don’t recommend anyone to stay there. It was a nice hotel, but the staff and how they were operate/organized was not professional!

Let’s just say I still crave Who Dat wings! Litterally the best wings and fries spot I’ve ever been too! You must try it if your in Nola its in Canal St and it’s very inexpensive.

The first official day I visited Cafe De Monde and I loved it! The Beignets were so bomb. I had like six that one day they were so good.

That same day I did a cittyl bus tour. Which basically showed all the historical spot in town.

Lunch my first day was done at the Oyster Bar. I had me Poboy catfish sandwhich.

Now Here is a top preview of looks for this trip.....

On day two we did brunch at Burssards. Let's just say their bunch is everything! Unlimtied Mimisoas and Rozy is always a good way to do brunch. I had their chicken and waffles and it was notthing like I had before. It was so good I thought about ordering a second plate.

Later that night we did dinner of course, but I can not remember the name of the restruant we ate it. But it had a cute set up and a whole photo room. However, we did not make to the photoroom. The food was ok it was regular not amazing about it.

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