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First cruise

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Norwegian Sky was my very first cruise!Let's

just say I had mixed emotions about getting on a cruise ship for three days.

Let's say it was an ok expereince. The food was amazing and it was an open bar!!

Yes, I said open bar. I left out of Miami, FL and I slayed all three days on that cruise.

My only dislike was the internet sucked and its expenisve for the good package.

The ship went to Nassua, Bahamas and Norwegians Island in the Bahamas.

Be sure to check the activities on the ship to pack and plan to plan outfits accordingly.

Sunglass: YSL

White Swim Suit: Naked Wardobe

Green Cover Up: Zara

Orange Clutch: Louis Vuttion

Scarf: Zara

Yellow Swim Suit & Cover up: Pretty Little Things

White Pants & Bag: Zara

Shirt: Shein

Shoes: Boohoo

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