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Updated: Mar 29, 2020


Mini bags help you carry less junk, and more essentials!

Mini bags have been making a statement lately on the fashion scene. Everybody and there grandmother has one. While returning a few items at Zara and picking up a few things at Target, I found two new gems to add to my closet. Yes, I did an online order for pick up at target and ended up venturing through the store picking up and looking at things I didn't need. However, the price of this mini red bags was to right to pass up.

The round animal print cross-body bag comes from Zara. If you didn't know my favorite animal pattern is snake. I came across this gem on the sale rack, but it was not on sale. But sale or no sale I had to have it.

The tiny red mini come from Target and it was a steal because it was on sale! I also love me a good sale, but who doesn't. Target refers to the bag as a mini satchel handbag it is apart of their New Day collection. It comes in two other colors black and green.




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