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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

My must have amazon items!

Babbbyy!!! I love me a good hat and this Fedora was perfect for keeping the sun out my face.

I wanted a plain netural overup that would go with any bathing suit I packed. But, I wanted a different styled one like this.

When getting ready for my trip to Tulum, Mexico I wanted something cute to go on my beach bag and other bags I took with me. Visit the link below to get your Boho Pom Pim Tassel Bag Charm. It's a cute piece for spring and summer.

This made the perfect beach bag in Tulum! I don't like to take my regular bags to the beach because I don't want to get sand in them. But this Dufmod tote worked perfect. It is very spacious.

Let's just say I keep Wiz fly for the low because of Amazon. I also buy other things he need like food, bowls, and treats from them in bulk.

This Monokini Extreme one piece was purchased for a Vegas trip, but it served more of a purpose for Miami. Don't you think? Visit the link below to get your Monokini bathing suit.

This year I purchased a Neverfull GM Louis Vuitton bag from I wanted to protect my investment I had just made and I wanted to keep my bag organized. When looking for my bad I noticed the stains and pen marks in bags. So, I purchased this purse organizer from Amazon. So that if and when I resell my bag its in great condition.

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