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I hope you all ready to read about my favorite 2020 Spring trends! I know spring has been here, but they say its better late than never. Plus I'm barely on time for anything! I literally shot all these looks in one day! Why waste a beat face on one photo. Plus were in quarantine. So, I had reason to get cute. Let's jump right in! Ready Set Go!

Shirty It Is

When I think shirty I think of pressed shirts or shirt dress with frills and ruffles! Mostly a light blue or white color shirt. All white is one of my favorites to wear.

Tropical Thoughts

Tropical Thoughts is all about bringing the island where ever you are with all the tropical colors and prints! Right about now I know were wishing we were somewhere tropical outside beachside with a fancy cocktail.

Trench Vibes

I will be serving all trench coat vibes all spring long! Honestly ever woman should have a trench coat in a beige or taupe color in their closet. It's essential to a wardrobe!

The Short Suit Story

Suits were a HOT item in the Fall and Winter and now that its Spring is here.... let's just say the trend is here to stay. This time around its The Shorts Suit Story. This trend is my favorite! I love this trend because you can do so much with it, you can wear the two pieces sperate or together. Also, you can pair it with a cute graphic tee, dress it up with heels, or down with sneakers. Before the pandemic, I found the two-piece suite pictured above in a local thrift store.

Neon Lights

When I think Neon Light I think hot pink, royal blue, lime, orange, green and yellow. This is another one of my favorites. Even though I can live in black all year round, Prefer not to.


I know you're like what in the world is a Waistcoat it's basically a better way of saying Vest. With this, you just wear the waistcoat by itself and you can wear it over a shirt or dress to get that layer effect. This is so a 70s trend resurfacing and I'm here for it.

The Waistcoat I'm wearing pictured above in honestly from middle or high school, and it's from Rainbow. Yes, I kept it for that long! Somethings I do hold on to if the quality is good and I can still fit it! At this point, I am glad I kept it.

The Maxi

This another one of my favorites, but I like to spice up with a printed maxi! Pair it with some sneakers and a Jean Jacket or with some heels and a jean jacket. You can wear with more just a jean jacket. I'm thinking of a printed kimono with a printed Maxi dress and some Jordan 1s or other sneakers.


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