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My Favorite Luxury Consignment Sites

I’ve been buying luxury items on consignment for about three years now. My first full-price purchase was this year when I purchased my YSL Lou Medium Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag from Net-A-Porter.

The first three items I bought on consignment were from Tradesy. Those items were the Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 weekend/travel bag, Louis Vuitton Piment (orange) Toiletry Pouch Epi leather, and the Louis Vuitton Orange Epi Leather wallet to match my Pouch.

Now don't think consignment is just handbags, you can also buy clothes, shoes, and accessories as well! I usually just stick to handbags and other accessories like sunglasses. I have bought two pairs of shoes from TheRealReal and Tradesy, both we’re YSL pumps.

All the sites I am about to mention I have shopped within the last three years.

My top consignment sites:

-BMoreBetty ( located in the National Harbor & Baltimore) | IG: @Bmorebetty

-ReddzTradingco (located in Bethesda & Georgetown) | IG: @ReddzTradingco


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