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If you know me then you know I love Zara!

When I visited South Africa a few months ago I went to Zara at the V&A Waterfront Mall in Cape Town and of course, they had a Zara! I purchased a few items and one of those items happen to be the ANIMAL PRINT VINYL HIGH HEELED MULES I'm wearing in the photo above! Honestly, My friend Chan found them and they were so cute we both purchased the same shoe. They are super comfy and you can wear them with just about everything.

So while in quarantine I have been doing a little shopping. Yes, I have been wiping and spraying my packages down! Well after Lent I started shopping, to be honest. Every year I always give up shopping for Lent, but this year it was different from being stuck in the house getting countless emails about sales. So, I would browse my favorite retail sites and add things to my wishlist and if the items I wanted to purchase were still in stock after Lent was over I would purchase them.

To make a long story short I purchased yet another pair of sandals from Zara. The majority of my sandals come from Zara. I love the quality of their shoes in general and they are always super cute. So, I recently bought the SLIDE SANDALS WITH GOLD WOVEN STRAP and I paired the sandals with an OVERSIZED PLEATED SHIRT that I also just bought from Zara.

If you liked any of my patio decor or the jeans I wore in this post you can shop those items below!

I hope you enjoyed!


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