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Poshmark Finds

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

A digital marketplace site that allows people from the United States to buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories.


A few years ago I created a Poshmark account, but I haven’t started using it until recently. I first started using the marketplace to sell clothes from my closet that are gently worn or brandnew.

However! when sharing other peoples item I discovered some gems. Poshmark allows you to shop by brand, size, color and etc. I normally reshare brands I’ve listed in my closet like Zara. Which had me doing some exploring. I’ve recently purchased a coat, two bags, a sweater, and a few blazers. I love that it allows me to find staple piece to add to my warbobe to create looks for my blog at a cheaper price.

#LolaPoshMarkFindofTheWeek starting Janurary 2019. More details to come


People have made millions of Poshmark.

All you have to do is:

1. Clean your closet get rid of the thing you don’t need that are In good condition.

2. Create an account via the web or the Poshmark app.

3. Set up your profile

4. Upload photos and item information


Poshmark only takes a 2.95 commission on sales inder 15 and 20% on sales over 15 dollars.

Need some tips on how to revamp your closet email me to set up a consultation for a closet revamp or check out my article Six Tips To Closet Goals.

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