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Saturday’s are for Thrifting

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Yes, I shop at the thrift store!

So, today I decide I wanted to check out a thrift store in Falls Church, Va and I did just that. I also, visited a Target near by the Goodwill to shop their sale section. I’ve noticed that the Northern Virgina Targets have a better set up and larger Variety of their brands. Which means they have a better sale rack. But today this post is strictly for my items I found out the Thrift Store.

Some of the items paired with these looks have been previous purchased at other stores and one item is from my Target trip today.

I’m not sure what brand the dress and clutch are, but shoes are Zara. The fact I paid 10 bucks for these and I know they worth way more is a steal!

The shirt I am wearing here is from H&M and I paid 9 dollars for it. The black beaded clutch was 6 dollars. The shoes were 10 as pictured before. The leggings are from Zara winter sale And they earrings are from today Target pick up visit.

The cream colored dress was 15 dollars the scarf was 2 dollars the light grey vest/shirt was 8 dollars and the clutch was 15 dollars. I paired those four items with my thigh black Donna Karren boots and with a dress from todays Target pick up that I will only use a komono because it is to small to button around my waist. I purchased this Komono for 21 bucks. It was onsale for 26 but Targets What Not To Wear brand had a 20 percent cartwheel offer that ends today!

Lastly, we have this brand new tags attached black leather jacket from Zara! I purchased it for 15 dollars and the original tag was priced for 39.90. I paired it with a lace bralet from forever 21 with Old Navy pant and my studded BCBG heels.

Remember It’s not where you bought it from, but how you put together!

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