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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Personal stories of 6 women a A New Day Target Brand Collobration with VITAL VOICE

Recently, I was in Target and this cute pink and red sweatshirt from the New Day collection caught my eye. When purchasing it a few pieces from this limited edition collab, I couldn't tell you anything behind the words written on the shirt. However, after reading the shirt label and doing a little more research on the Vital Voices organization I can tell you all about it. I call this Fashion with a message.

Sweatshirt & Skirt are from Targets A New Day collecotion

Vital Voices and A New Day came together to produce a piece that celebrates the passion, strength, and undeniable power of women!

Vital Voice is an organization that was created in 1997 to give women a platform to be heard.

They invest in creative and fearless women across the globe to amplify their voices and increase their Impact. They support women from all walks of life in their pursuit of economic empowerment, public and political leadership, and the protection of all human rights.


The six women leaders who inspired the collection are:

Jamira Burley: Lost a brother to gun violence, Jamira is now a social impact consultant and activist for youth engagement, criminal justice reform and gun violence orevention.

Akanksha Hazari: Akanksha founded m.Paani, India’s first and only mobile-based loyalty platform, to help underserved Indian communities improve their lives using their mobile services. #WomeninTech

Jessica Hubley: Jessica is the CEO and co-founder at AnnieCannons, an organization that educates human trafficking survivors into software professionals.

Chessy Prout: After surviving a sexual assault in high school, Chessy became an activist and author, publishing her memoir and launching the #IHaveARightTo movement.

Ariela Suster: To disrupt the cycle of violence in El Salvador, Ariela established SEQUENCE, a handcrafted jewelry and accessories company that employs at-risk youth.

Amira Yahyaoui: Amira has spent her life fighting for human rights. Today she’s creating, a college financial aid app, with the belief that college should be an option for everyone.

To read more information about the Vital Voices organization vist this link:

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