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Lola Takes The Big Apple

I know it's been forever since I've posted, but I have been making career moves and I'm still on the road to getting this master in Software Engineering. But I have so many post coming. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not capturing and creating blog content. Lol

So here goes! I recently turned 27 on July 15th and I had my celebration in New York City at the Hudson on the Terrace with the No Chaser crew. So of course I had to hit some stores up while in the fashion capitol. Here's a few photos from my trip ( I will post outfit details below photos:

First stop breakfast!

Big Daddy 239 Park Ave S, New York, NY 1003

The service was excellent and the food was the! The hidden gem on this place is the endless mimosas and Bloody Mary's for $19 bucks. Oh and it Save to say they bathrooms were very clean!

My menu choice was the Who's the Boss? With Sweet Potato Tater.

No bring on the shopping!

Fun fact: There are five Zara's in New York City and I visited two out of the five.

If you didn't know or notice I love me a good Zara and a good Zara sale.

I didn't do much damage to my pockets but I did get some cute items. I will be doing a second post on my NY shopping find so stay on the look out for that post.

Party Time!!!

So as I previously mentioned, I had my birthday celebration at the Hudson on the Terrace @NoChaserTour which is a dope vibe and time. They are coming to a city near you so follow them on Instagram to stay updated. Here's so footage of my outfit and more!

Jumpsuit: Olive Ole Bag: Aldo Shoes: Boohoo

The farewell……..

One more photo for the road

Street view photos….

Until next time!!!!! ✌🏾

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